In 1998, Tnl Business started as Trucks.nl. Ever since the beginning, the company has been located in Wijchen, the Netherlands. The platform for used trucks started out quite locally, however it soon turned out the platform had a huge potential. Soon, Trucks.nl became a familiar name within its own country borders.


It seemed that growing internationally was inevitable and Trucks.nl generated more and more international brand awareness throughout the years. With establishments in both Belgium and Germany, which strengthened this international growth, Trucks.nl has become a well-established name in (Western) Europe. Nowadays, the platform for used vehicles gets visitors from over 180 countries, while growing strongly in terms of visitors in Europe.

Taking the step to Tnl Business

To further improve the international position, Trucks.nl has decided to change its trade name to Tnl Business for the sake of communication; a name with international allure and with the possibilities to grow and be there for its customers. The more people can find the Tnl Business platforms, the better supply and demand can be matched. And that is the ultimate goal of Tnl Business. Making sure our customer have the biggest possible chance of selling their vehicles. Stronger together that’s called.

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