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  • Instant visitors to your website
  • Receive more reactions
  • Increase brand awareness

Your logo and company name shown between the search results, last added or home page of TrucksNL. Prominently visible in all categories or very specific for a certain vehicle type or language.

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They are bannering on the TrucksNL website

The advantages of bannering

  • 8 million page views per month
  • Visitors from over 180 countries
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Receive instant website visitors
  • Reach end users and dealers
  • Gain trust with visitors
  • Receive more reactions
  • Per category, vehicle type or language

Increase your return on advertising

Advertisers who also place a banner at the Trucksnl website, receive relatively more reactions than others. This is, because your imagery and logo are being seen (un)consciously, increasing the trust visitors have in you. Visitors will more easily request a quotation from a dealer they know, than one they don’t know.

Reach end users and dealers

The website being visited by many end users is no secret anymore. But, did you know the website is also visited multiple times by dealers, on a daily basis? Dealers use the website as a purchasing channel as well. When dealers are part of your target group, bannering is considered a smart choice.

  • Insurance companies
  • Shipping
  • Lease and financing companies
  • Magazines
  • Truck and equipment accessories
  • Part suppliers

This is what banners look like

Homepage banner
Resultpage banner

Become prominently visible for your target group.

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