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Get the most out of your website. Receive more reactions and increase your return on all your marketing efforts.

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What is a conversion?

A conversion means that a website visitor performs a preferred action on your website. This can be many things:

  • Request a quotation
  • Download a brochure
  • Do a purchase
  • Call
  • Subscribe for your newsletter
  • Or whatever other action you find important…

Visitors have a goal

Your website receives visitors thanks to, among others, search engines, advertisements, social media or referring websites like TrucksNL. A visitor who comes to your website for the first time, might want to get to know you first, while returning visitors want to see your products and services. These different types of visitors have different goals. We can help you to make these visitors reach their goals (convert).

A mathematical example

You had 100 visitors via Google Ads en received 3 quotation requests. This means your conversion percentage is 3%. The costs you made were €10,-. In this case, the costs per reaction would be €3,33.

What does conversion rate optimization?

By better anticipating on the expectations of the visitors and by placing a well thought-out web design with attractive texts, you could increase your 3 out of 100 reactions to 6 out of 100. The effectiveness of your advertising budget doubles. The costs per quotation request went down to only €1,66 and you received twice as much quotation requests.

It’s a two-way street

Say you advertise at TrucksNL + 3 other portals, you make use of Google Ads and you are active at social media. You receive a monthly amount of 1,000 visitors and instead of 30 quotation requests (3%), you now get 60 requests (6%). How much extra turnover will this generate for you?

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