• Re-reach potential customers
  • Your banner on e.g. and
  • Views are free, only pay per click

With remarketing, you re-reach visitors who have visited your website before and/or looked at your stock at TrucksNL, with your logo on countless websites.

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Remarketing is effective

95% of all website visitors return multiple times to a website before deciding to contact you or perform a purchase. These visits are usually spread over a period of weeks, especially when the product or service is a major expense.

Gain trust of your visitors during the entire purchase process by showing your logo to them on a regular basis, on countless websites.*

How does it work?

When someone visits your website, he or she leaves a so-called cookie. These cookies can be gathered in a list. This list can then be targeted in the Google Display Network where the named websites* are a part of.

An example:

A website visitor sees one of your vehicles at TrucksNL. He decides however, to continue looking and searching before making a decision. The following days, he visits different websites and sees your banner multiple times, simultaneously increasing the trust in your company. When he clicks your banner, he will be re-directed to your website with an increased change of him contacting you this time.


*Your banners at websites like:, Autoline,, MeteoVista,, YouTube and countless other websites.

The advantages of remarketing

  • Re-reach potential customers
  • Only reach potential customers at the right time
  • Increase your return on all your marketing efforts
  • Only pay per click
  • Views are free
  • Advertise on countless websites*
  • Fitting for every budget

We are Google Partner

Your campaigns will be set up and controlled by certified Google Ads specialists.

Increase your return on efforts thanks to remarketing.

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